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This segment contains pertinent information from OSHA’s “Fatal Facts” section of the OSHA website These fatality synopses are provided for our members for use in safety and Toolbox Talks as well as for practical guidance in similar situations. In addition to the accident description, and OSHA’s accident prevention tips, we have also added a GBCA Safety Services commentary to address additional suggested accident prevention and loss control ideas.

Fatal Fact Excerpts will be updated on a quarterly basis as released by OSHA or as located in other similar publications or similar regulatory or safety-related websites.

Should you have any suggestions for improving this, or any other segment of the Safety section of the GBCA website, please call Don Ashton, GBCA’s Director of Safety Services at 215-568-7015 or email at

Fatal Facts by Incident Number

1. Workers Killed Off-Hours in a Company Owned Vehicle
2. Workers Fall Through Floor Opening
3. Worker Falls From 8' Step Ladder
4. Worker Killed In Trench Collapse
5. Worker Killed Attempting to Jump from Tipping Equipment
6. Worker Crushed Between Wall and Equipment Counterweight

OSHA Standard for Reporting of Fatalities and Catastrophies

OSHA Reported FY15 Fatalities and Catastrophies


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